Welcome to Hormead Parish Council

The Council consists of seven councillors supported by a Parish Clerk.

There are eleven Parish Council meetings held each year. These normally take place on the third Thursday of each month except August. The Annual Parish Meeting is usually held in May, as is the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. Full details and confirmation of meeting dates and times are displayed on all parish notice boards 10 days before each meeting.

Please check the parish notice boards for confirmation of the venue for Parish Council meetings if not given here. Parish meetings begin at 7.30 pm and they are being held on Zoom for the time being to adhere to current Covid-19 guidelines.

commemorative plaque

In honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the Parish Council registered the Meads as a Jubilee memorial, and the official title is now "Queen Elizabeth II Field, The Meads". An official commemorative plaque (photo above) can be seen on the pavilion. You can read more information on The Meads section of this website.