Council and Parish Meetings, 2018

The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Thursday 18th January at 8pm in the Pavilion.
Dates for the following meetings to be confirmed, but are normally on the 3rd Thursday of each month except August.
Agendas are posted here and on the parish notice boards the weekend before the meeting.

Agenda and papers for 18th January Parish Council Meeting
Agenda for 18th January 2018
Draft Unapproved Minutes 16th November
Accounts November/December
Actual vs Budget report to 31 December
Cheques for signing 18 January (as at 12 Jan)
Public Rights of Way maintenance report December
Modification Order FP35

Agenda and papers for 16th November Parish Council Meeting
Agenda 16th November
Draft Unapproved Minutes, 19th October

Agenda and papers for the 19th October Parish Council Meeting
Agenda 19th October
Draft Minutes, 21 September
Planning notification 3/17/2234/PNHH
Planning refusal 3/17/1414/FUL
Accounts September

Agenda and some papers for 21st September Parish Council Meeting:
Accounts July and August
External Auditor (BDO LLP) Certified Annual Return for 2016/17
BDO's Issues Arising for 2016/17
Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Exercise of Public Rights  to inspect accounts
Annual Play Area Report
Notice of new Data Protection legislation (GDPR) from May 2018

Some other information:
TRO notice for The Street commencing 1st August 2017 for 18 months (see para14)
TRO Plan
May 11th Draft Minutes Annual Meeting of the Parish (to be appproved at the 2018 APM)
Application for footpath Modification Order EH/315/MOD Hare Street to Buntingfor Bridleway 23
EH/315/MOD Evidence Investigation Report

Budget vs actual performance to year end 31 March

The Street road closure from 13th February notice
The Street road closure map

Precept capping prospect for the future
SLAA sites - Hormead
East Hert Village Policy
Community Transport scheme

Meetings Calendar

Ordinary Parish Council meetings are normally held in the Meads Pavilion on the 3rd Thursday of the month, except in August when there is no meeting. They usually start at 8:00pm.

Parish Council Minutes Archive
Minutes of the Council's approved Minutes are available here for download. (Note that any amendments made to Minutes will be recorded in the Minutes of the following meeting).  Draft unapproved Minutes are also now required by law to be published on the website within 28 days of a meeting.

Minutes 16 November DRAFT UNAPPROVED
Minutes 19 October APPROVED
Minutes 21 September APPROVED
Minutes 15 June APPROVED
Minutes 18 May Ordinary Council APPROVED
Minutes 18 May Annual Council APPROVED
Minutes 11 May Annual Meeting of ther Parish DRAFT (to be approved at the2018 APM)
Minutes 20 April Parish Council  APPROVED
Minutes 16 March Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 16 February Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 19 January Parish Council APPROVED

Minutes 15 December Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 17 November Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 20 October Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 15 September Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 21 July Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 21 June Parish Council APPROVED
Draft Minutes Annual Meeting of the Parish 19 May (for approval APM 2017)
Minutes 19 May Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 12 May Annual Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 21 April Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 17 March Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 18 February Parish Council APPROVED
Minutes 21 January Parish Council APPROVED